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Ilse Göbig, Personaldienstleistungen Ilse Göbig GmbH, Darmstadt

Temporary employment can bring your company lots of benefits – above all you’ll be more flexible, and you’ll save money.
With our experienced coordination team and more than 150 permanent employees for the most diverse industries and areas we are able to generate great benefits to your company.
Our services include temporary employment, on-site management, project work, contracts for work and labor, service contracts, personnel search and personnel placement.

This website wants to give you a first overview. Let’s talk about the details in person – or simply e-mail us.

The market’s dynamic. So are we!

Wilhelm Personaldienstleistungen

Good to know: We are part of IGZ, the temporary worker association Interessenverband Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V., adhering to its collective labor agreement including all social security regulations. For you, this is not only a guarantee of superior quality but this also provides you with long-term planning security.


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